Leeds, Alabama Wedding Photography: Brittany & Marcus

Brittany & Marcus are best friends and soul mates. During their engagement session, it wasn’t hard to see that the love they have for each other is real. I had to pick a location where we would need to do little walking because it was hot summer day and they were expecting their first baby.

When I first got the call from Brittany’s Dad about being their wedding photographer, I immediately thought, Wow!! I could really get some beautiful photos at The Sonnet House in Leeds, Alabama. I know, I know, slap my hand. It’s not about the location. How silly of me! I assumed that’s where the wedding would be because it is a popular venue for weddings in Leeds. Boy was I wrong, the wedding actually took place at Hills Chapel CME, a small church and guess what… It was perfect! I felt right at home. Brittany & Marcus, thank you for including me in your love story!

Wedding Photographer: Stanley Parrish
Hills Chapel CME church

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